What are Trainers?

Trainer is one of the two characters in the game. A user must possess at least one trainer. Trainer can be recruited in the "Trainers" tab, or can be purchased in the marketplace from other players.

Initially, the fee to recruit a new trainer is roughly $100 (*) and will be paid in BUNI and BUR token, but it is dynamically adjusted to maintain a stable price in USD value. The recruitment fee gets sent to the Treasury as one of the game's revenue source.

When you use BUR off-chain to recruit then reject the transaction, the BUR supposed to be used to recruit will be moved to Pending Transaction.

(*) Entry price is subject to change in the future.


Each trainer in the game corresponds to an NFT in your blockchain wallet. The name of this NFT token contract is BUT. You can make BUT visible in your MetaMask or any other NFT wallets by adding the below contract address:


Set the decimal to "0" if prompted.

Trainer Elements

A trainer has one of four elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water). The elemental advantages in battle are as follow:

Fire > Earth > Air > Water > Fire

A trainer will be given a random element upon minting and there is no way to change a trainer's element in the game yet.

More details about how trainer elements impact to multiplier in battle can be found here:


Unlike other games, there is no limit for one user to have several accounts in Bunicorn Game. Instead, each trainer has a stamina bar that max out at 200. When a trainer fights in battle, it depletes at a rate of 40~200 stamina per fight based on the user's setting.

Every five minutes, a stamina is regenerated. It means each trainer can regenerate 288 stamina per day ~ 7 fights.

Trainers’ stamina will stop regenerating when listed on the market. Once Trainers are purchased by the other player or delisted by the owner, their stamina will start regenerating again.

Global Stamina

To limit the number of fight per day, we introduced global stamina in addition to trainer and Bunicorn’s stamina as follows:

  • Maximum global stamina: 800

  • 1 global stamina will be regenerated each 75 seconds

  • When players choose to fight, both global stamina and trainer stamina will be reduced with the same amount.

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