Choosing a Bunicorn

Bunicorn's rarity level is one of the factors that influence the formula. Therefore, you should not worry about the win rate drop when encountering a stronger enemy if you have a higher rarity Bunicorn.

We would recommend you to purchase a good 4-star or 5-star Bunicorn to start with if it is in your budget, then build a team that matches the Bunicorn. On the other hand, you could also buy trainers first and then look for a Bunicorn that suits the element of your team.

Bunicorn Element

Since the formula calculating the win rate includes Elemental Bonus, users should search for the Bunicorn that owns the same element as the Trainer does.

When joining the Battle, the Elemental Bonus when users have Bunicorn and Trainer with the same element is pretty much the same as the bonus when a weaker enemy is selected.

Bunicorn Attributes

If your Bunicorn has already had the same element as the Trainers, you should consider its attributes next. A perfect Bunicorn for your team would own the same element as the Trainers and high attribute figures. This Bunicorn should be valuable when listed on the market.

If your Bunicorn does not own the same element as the Trainer, it could become somewhat a disadvantage for you when joining the battle. However, you could focus on finding a Bunicorn that has high attribute figures or improve your existing Bunicorn's attributes. This strategy helps to minimize the impact of the unmatching element for Trainer and Bunicorn.

📌NOTE: The better the attribute figures are, the higher payout users will get.

Below is the min-max value of Bunicorn's total attribute for each rarity level:

  • 3-star : 280 - 400

  • 4-star : 400 - 800

  • 5-star : 804 - 1200

Besides the attribute value in numbers, you can also see there are percentages of the attribute value. And the attribute percentage formula includes the element factor. Therefore, we would like to have some advice as follows:

  • If the attribute percentage is higher, your win rate and payout will be better.

  • Using the attribute percentage to predict your win rate will provide a more precise result.

Below is the min-max value of Bunicorn's total attribute percentage for each rarity level:

  • 3-star : 70% - 107%

  • 4-star : 100% - 214%

  • 5-star : 201% - 321%

You can learn more about Bunicorn Attributes here to ramp up your battle strategy:

pageBunicorn Attributes

Enhanced Bunicorn

An enhanced Bunicorn will have an additional bonus attribute that behave the same way as NEUTRAL attribute. The value of bonus attribute can be 4800 ~ 4 times as much as the maximum of all other attributes combined in a 5-star Bunicorn. This will be a major boost for your Bunicorn in battle and reward payout.


After explaining the attributes and elements of the Bunicorn, there should be some key takeaways as following:

  • Always choose a Bunicorn that matches the trainer's element to get a higher win rate.

  • To maximize BUR reward payout, select a Bunicorn with as high attribute value as possible.

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