Bunicorn Game
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From July 28 to August 27, on Bunicorn DEX, we hosted an NFT farm with the rewards of Egg and Chest NFTs for users.
  • When successfully entering the game, users can see those Egg and Chest NFTs in the Inventory section. These NFTs can be listed on Bunicorn Marketplace.
  • On the other hand, Bunicorn Game's users who purchase those Egg and Chest NFTs on the Marketplace can also find the NFTs in the Inventory.
  • And users can unlock these chests and eggs to get the in-game items to play Bunicorn Game. When unlocking these Chests and Eggs, users can get:
    • Chest: 01 level-one Trainer + 01 one-star Bunicorn
    • Normal Egg: 01 two-star or three-star Bunicorn
    • Rare Egg: 01 three-star or four-star Bunicorn
    • Epic Egg: 01 four-star or five-star Bunicorn