Calculating Power

Player Base Power

Player Base Power is the variable used to determine the range of enemy power rolls.


  • trainerPower is the listed power displayed on the Trainer card. It increases as the trainer is leveled up especially once the trainer passed the fusion checkpoints. For the list of trainer power and the corresponding level, please see this.

  • bunicornPowerMultiplier = 1 + SUM(attribute * factor) / attributeBaseline

  • attributeBaseline = 500. This is the average attribute value of a Bunicorn.

  • Factor can be calculated based on the original and bonus attributes of a Bunicorn as follows:

    • If the attribute has the same element with Bunicorn, factor = 1.15

    • If the attribute is NEUTRAL, factor = 1.07

    • Bonus attribute has factor = 1.07

    • For the rest, factor = 1

bunicornPowerMultiplier means that if your trainer power is higher (higher level), the attributes can contribute more to the total playerBasePower. For example, if you use an enhanced 5-star Bunicorn with a level 20 trainer will be much better than a level 10 trainer.

After calculating the player base power, we apply a ±10% to determine the range of values for enemy power values.

Elemental Bonus

Elemental Bonus is a variable multiplied to Player Base Power and used to determine the player's battle roll.

The formula to determine Elemental Bonus is specified as follows.

elementalBonus = 1
if trainerElement == bunicornElement (elementalBonus += 0.052)
if trainerElement > enemyElement (elementalBonus += 0.052)
if trainerElement < enemyElement (elementalBonus -= 0.052)

The elemental advantage in regards to trainer against the enemy is detailed as below:

  • Fire beats Earth

  • Earth beats Air

  • Air beats Water

  • Water beats Fire

Elemental Bonus gets evaluated and then multiplied with Player Base Power to calculate the players' final power value.

A ±10% is then applied to the final value to determine the player's battle roll.

Enemy Power

Enemy Power is a simple ±10% calculation applied to the listed enemy power of whatever enemy the player chose.

The numerical value listed on the battle screen button is used to determine experience and BUR payouts.

The calculated value with the ±10% applied is used to determine the enemy's rolls in battle.

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