Player can enhance a Bunicorn by burning one into another. The enhanced Bunicorn will receive a bonus attribute, and also a better reward payout. The other Bunicorn will disappear.

It costs some BUR for enhancing depending on the rarity of the burnt Bunicorn. These BUR will be burnt too to reduce the circulating supply of BUR token.

Enhancing also gives value to the massive amounts of one to three star Bunicorns that a player may receive when trying to hunt for four or five stars.

Burnt Stars

When you perform the enhancement, the number of the burnt Bunicorn’s stars will be added to the total burnt stars of the enhanced one. Each Bunicorn has 100 burnt-star slots. That means players can enhance the maximum number of:

  • 100 1-star Bunicorns

  • 50 2-star Bunicorns

  • 20 5-star Bunicorns

  • Or any mix of the burnt Bunicorns that makes it 100 slots in total

If you burn an enhanced Bunicorn, half of the burnt stars will be moved over to the new one. If the number of burnt stars is an odd number, the burnt half that is moved to the new one will be rounded down. For example, if your enhanced Bunicorn has 7 burnt stars, 3 burnt stars will be transferred to the new one.

Bonus Attribute

Unlike other attributes that are fixed upon minting, the bonus attribute is increased whenever a Bunicorn is enhanced. The table below shows the number of burnt stars and the corresponding bonus attribute you get when burning each Bunicorn. Bonus attribute will be used the same way as the NEUTRAL attribute.

Because the burnt stars slot is limited to 100, players should choose wisely which Bunicorn to be burnt to boost the maximum bonus for their Bunicorn. The maximum bonus attribute will be 4800 if you enhance by using 20 5-star Bunicorns.

More information about the usage of bonus attribute in battle calculation can be found here:

Enhancing Fee

The enhancing fee is fixed in USD. Thus, the enhancing fee in BUR will change in accordance with the BUR-USD rate.

If you use BUR off-chain to enhance Bunicorns then reject the transaction, those BUR supposed to be used to enhance Bunicorns will be moved to Pending Transaction.

Lucky Enhancement

Users will have a chance to increase the star of their Bunicorns through enhancing.

  • If you’re lucky enough to have a higher star, your stats will be randomized again like a brand new Bunicorn.

  • If you fail the Lucky Enhancement, your Bunicorn will be enhanced as usual.

  • If the current stats of your Bunicorn is good enough, you might want to keep it and use a regular enhancement instead.

  • Burning a higher star Bunicorn will not increase the chance of leveling up the star of the Bunicorns.

An extra fee will be added to Enhancing Fee if you want to join Lucky Enhancement. The below table describes the probability and extra cost of each lucky enhancement.

Note: The extra cost is subjected to change in the future to balance the Bunicorn rarity if needed.

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