De-list NFTs

Users can delist their listed Bunicorns and Trainers on the NFT marketplace.


  • You cannot de-list an NFT if your current wallet has already had 4/4 NFTs.

  • De-listing an item still incurs the 24-hour trade lock, so you won't immediately be able to trade or re-list the item after pulling it out of the marketplace.

  • Open Trainers tab on Market page.

  • Click the My Trainers check box to see your listed Trainers.

  • Choose the Trainer you wish to delist, then click DELIST button.

  • You would need to Confirm the gas fee to successfully list your trainer as delisting involves transferring the NFT from the marketplace to your wallet.

  • After confirming the gas fee, you will no longer see your listed Trainer on the NFT marketplace.

  • To check your delisted Trainer, go back to the Trainers page.

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