What is BUNI & BUR?

1. What is BUNI?

​​BUNI is the governance token of the Bunicorn Ecosystem. It will be used across all the product and services of the ecosystem including an AMM DEX, Bunicorn Yield Farms, NFT Gaming Marketplace, Almighty Defi Mobile App, and Gaming Metaverse.

In Bunicorn game, players need to pay BUNI to mint new Trainers and Bunicorn. It is also the currency for trading in the marketplace.

BUNI’s Important Parameters

  • Token Name: Bunicorn

  • Token Symbol: BUNI

  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

  • Token Standard: BEP-20

  • Contract address: 0x0E7BeEc376099429b85639Eb3abE7cF22694ed49

  • Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 BUNI

2. What is BUR?

BUR or Bunicorn Universal Reward Token is our reward payout token. It is similar to the SLP of Axie Infinity, and will be used across all the games in the Bunicorn Universe. BUR holders also receive favorable staking rewards similar to the BUNI token.

In Bunicorn game, BUR is used to enhance Bunicorn and make Trainer fusion.

This token has unlimited supply and will be minted during the gameplay only. BUR can be traded in Bunicorn DEX initially and other exchanges in the future.

BUR’s Important Parameters

  • Max Supply: Unlimited

  • Token Contract Address: 0xc1619D98847CF93d857DFEd4e4d70CF4f984Bd56

  • Token Symbol: BUR

  • Decimals of Precision: 18

3. How Can the Game Capture Value for $BUNI?

  • Minting Trainers and Bunicorns cost BUNI and create buy demand for BUNI tokens.

  • Staking incentive from AMM yield farms.

  • Staking to get 5% of the game’s revenue.

(1) Bunicorn will incentivize users with BUNI and BUR

(2) Earning BUNI and BUR will encourage users to play more.

(3) Playing more games will generate the actual revenue and buy demand for both BUNI and BUR.

(4) Buy demand will increase the price of BUNI and BUR, and at the same time, increase the APR in all the farming pools.

(5) Generated revenue will be collected from the treasury and used to

  • Incentivize the stakers, liquidity provider in BUNI AMM with 5% of the revenue.

  • Develop more game/business in the ecosystem, organize game contests, build community, and much more

4. Do I need only BUR to start playing Bunicorn game?

No, you need both BUNI and BUR to play Bunicorn.

  • BUNI to recruit trainers, hunt Bunicorns and exchange NFT items on Bunicorn marketplace

  • BUR to enhance Bunicorns' power, fuse trainers to the next level and stake BUR to earn BUNI.

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