Types of Rewards

If the player successfully defeats the enemy of a stage, it means he has secured the reward of that enemy. The rewards corresponding to those enemies are determined as follows.


  • Scroll is a book of magical spells that help guarantee a 100% success rate of the Trainer fusion. This is one of the most valuable items in the Bunicorn universe. There are only 2 ways to get these scrolls: defeating the bosses or buying them from someone else in the market.

  • Collect 5 shards = 1 free shard gacha

  • Gacha Shard, and Scroll can be sold on the market.

On top of that, the reward value will also differ depending on the difficulty of each Dungeon. The harder the Dungeon, the higher amounts of rewards it offers.

Claim Reward

  • BUR and BUNI rewards will be distributed to the off-chain balance.

BUR reward in Dungeons is also under a 30% tax. 1% of tax will be deducted a day.

  • Item rewards can be claimed immediately at the Inventory section as demonstrated below.

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