Bunicorn’s in-game items, including trainers and Bunicorns, are fully owned by users and can be traded to others on Bunicorn Marketplace.

All users can list their trainers and Bunicorns for sales or buy them on Bunicorn Marketplace.

📌NOTE TO SELLERS OF NFT FARM’S CHESTS AND EGGS: NFT and BUNI rewards included in that NFT are not separated and will be sold together. Thus, once users decide to push the NFT to the market, they should determine a reasonable selling price to avoid selling at a loss.

For example: If a user gets a Normal Egg (wrapping 2000 BUNI reward inside), he should sell it on the marketplace at a higher price, such as 3000 BUNI.


Listing an NFT only requires the gas fee necessary to conduct the transaction to transfer the NFT to the marketplace contract.

Purchasing an NFT from the marketplace incurs a 10% tax, paid for by the buyer.

The listed price of NFTs on the marketplace is tax-inclusive, and the 10% tax is redirected to the Bunicorn's Treasury.

Trade Lock

Items that are delisted and bought via the marketplace, or traded via smart contracts will incur a 24-hour trade lock before the item can be listed or traded again.

This trade lock is necessary to prevent users from abusing the use of a single Bunicorn or trainer across multiple accounts.

Attempting to list or trade a locked item incurs a gas fee error.

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