Bunicorn Battle is officially going gasless. Users will no longer have to pay the gas fee when doing the battle from October 15, 2021.

Users can primarily earn BUR by engaging their Trainer and Bunicorn into battle. To start fighting, the player needs to select a trainer and a Bunicorn, then choose an enemy from a randomized list based on the power of the user's characters.

Kindly check the following docs to understand the battle formula:

Battle Formula

After the enemy is chosen and the user clicks the Fight button. The contract shall calculate the power of the player's character and the enemy roll. The player can claim a victory if the player's roll is equal to or higher than that of the enemy.

If the gamer gets a victory, he will gain an experience payout to the trainer and a BUNI payout to his wallet.

If defeated, he will lose the gas fees paid.

Calculations to determine the experience and BUR payouts can be found here:

Battle Rewards

Fight Combo

You will need to select a Fight Combo - the amount of stamina will be deducted when confirming the fight.

The table below demonstrates the amount of stamina that will be deducted for Bunicorn and Trainer in accordance with each combo.

Bot Ban

With this new update of the Bunicorn Game, we will take measures against the bots. The Google Recaptcha will be integrated into the system. Any bots detected will be blocked automatically and immediately.

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