One problem with other NFT games is the inflation rate of the characters. As more people join the game, more characters will be minted and gradually devalue the existing characters. When you buy a character in a game, you own an NFT asset. It means you actually are investing in the character, and hopefully, its value will go up someday.

The concept of Fusion is to reduce the supply of Trainers available in the game by merging 2 trainers together to pass certain level checkpoints. In Bunicorn, we want to keep the minting fee low enough to attract new players. Therefore, this mechanism helps to balance the number of trainers vs users in Bunicorn Game, avoid over-minting.

Presently, every ten levels starting from 11, 21, 31, 41,... are Level Milestones that boost your trainer's power and reward payout dramatically, and some of them are also Fusion checkpoints. It means in order to reach level 11, you will need to do at least 1 Fusion before that.

Currently these levels are fusion checkpoints: 11, 21, 31, 41, 51, 101, 151, 201.

You can only fuse with another Trainer that is lower than your level and above the previous checkpoint. For example, if you're at level 25 and want to reach level 31, you can make a fusion with another Trainers whose level is from 21 to 25 only.

The Fusion will cost you some BUR, the fee for each checkpoint is different. These fees will be dynamically changed as we see fit in the future. These BUR will be burnt to reduce the token supply.

Fusion Fee

The fusion fee is fixed in USD. Thus, the fusion fee in BUR will change in accordance with the BUR-USD rate.

If you use BUR off-chain to fuse Trainers then reject the transaction, those BUR supposed to be used to fuse Trainer will be moved to Pending Transaction.

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