Bunicorn ( is a Play to Earn NFT card game inspired by Pokemon on the Binance Smart Chain network. The game set foot in a fictional universe and revolves around the hunting and training of fantastic creatures named Bunicorn. Players may enter the battle using their trainers and Bunicorns to earn BUR & BUNI tokens. Assets are player-owned NFTs minted in the ERC-721 standard which may be traded on the marketplace.

Bunicorn is our first game in the Bunicorn Metaverse. This is our first effort to come up with a simple game at first but a good tokenomic of the play-to-earn model that nurtures a sustainable growth with improvement in terms of in-game tokenomic and high quality cards.


On another planet far away from the Earth, there existed a peaceful world inhabited by fantastic and magical creatures named Bunicorns. They are long known as friendly and hard-working bunny-look-like creatures. Spiritually guarded by legendary Bunicorns so-called the God of Fire🔥, Earth🗻, Water💧, and Air💨, the four Bunicorn clans unified harmoniously as one.

Life for Bunicorns seemed to flow by peacefully. Until one day, the existence of human beings changed it all. Humans intentionally first came with good purposes. They wanted to research such a magnificent creature, and at the same time, help Bunicorns expand their living conditions. In response, Bunicorns welcomed humans with all their hearts and made them feel at home.

However, greed is a part of human nature. The rest of the people remaining on the Earth seemed to have doubts about this second home. Instead of being grateful for what the Bunicorns did for their kind, as time went by, many took advantage of their closeness to the Bunicorns and used them for bad purposes. Some even kidnapped the poor creatures for evil experiments.

Chaos then spread like wildfire. The Bunicorns lost their own home. The land was shattered into pieces. Meanwhile, the evil force soon grew into a powerful empire, Hunter Inc., a corporation used to hunting Bunicorns.

To redeem the good side of humans, the good ones, in response, formed Buni Guardian as an organization against Hunter Inc. to protect and rescue the hurt Bunicorns, with the hope to restore the peaceful life it once was.

But it is teamwork that always makes the dream work! Humans alone can not deal with such an evil force. Thus, we need reinforcements from the Bunicorn army.

That day, a handshake between Bunicorns and the good humans opens up a whole new relationship to fight for the right!

Play to Earn

Currently, the following options are available for the player to earn:

  • Participating in battle through the use of Trainers and Bunicorns for BUR.

  • Minting trainers and Bunicorns and selling them for BUNI on the marketplace.

  • Trading NFTs with other players for BUNI through the marketplace and other tokens through P2P trading.

  • Exchanging BUNI and BUR on a DEX for other currencies.

  • Staking BUNI and BUR in Bunicorn's farms to earn BUNI and NFT to mine 5% revenue of the game.

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