Choosing Enemies

The formula to calculate which enemies will appear when joining the Battle always considers your selected Trainer and Bunicorn. Therefore, the enemies showing up are always the ones you can win over.

However, there will be some key takeaways to decide which enemy you should fight to ensure victory since the element factor is not involved in the calculation:

  • Fight the enemy that has the same element: You might want to make sure your team's attributes value is higher than that of the enemy.

  • Fight the enemy that has a weaker element: You can secure a higher win rate by choosing a Bunicorn that has the same element as the Trainer.

  • Fight the enemy that has a stronger element:

    • It is recommended to avoid doing this because there will be a high possibility that you will lose the battle.

    • However, if you have no other enemies that have weaker elements and your stamina is overflow, you can opt to do this.

Hourly Refresh

It is entirely random that you will possibly meet a set of enemies that you have no elemental advantages against. Besides opting to fight them, you can choose to wait until the next hourly refresh of the enemy.

The system will refresh the set of enemies at the beginning of every hour, which means 1:00 am, 2:00 am, 3:00 am, etc. And there will be a battle ban at the final 30 seconds of every hour to prevent EVM errors. You need to avoid joining the battle within these 30 seconds or else you might encounter transactions errors.

For example, the battle ban will start at 1:59:29 am and end at 1:59:59 am. Then the battle will open at 2:00 am.

If you are at the Battle page during the hourly refresh, make sure to REFRESH THE PAGE when the hourly refresh is over.

High Power and Low Power

  • Enemy power varies from -10% to +10% of the calculated value. Therefore, the higher level your Trainer owns, the wider the range of the enemy power will be.

  • Since the enemy power is included in the Battle reward calculation, it should have more influence on your payout and XP as follows:

    • If selecting enemies that have higher power, you will be more likely to lose but have a higher experience and BUR payout.

    • If selecting enemies with lower power, you are more likely to win but gain lower experience and less BUR payout.

📌NOTE FOR NEWBIE: You should go safe to battle with an enemy with lower power. So that you can enhance your Bunicorn and Enemy first then take risks later.

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