Battle Rewards

Experience Gained

Experience gained can be calculated by taking the player base power and listed enemy power from the previous section and applying it to the formula below:

expGained=Math.Floor((enemyPower/playerBasePower)32)expGained = Math.Floor((enemyPower / playerBasePower) * 32)

BUR Payout

The formula to determine BUR payout is as follows:

actual_bur = target_bur * SQRT(expected_bur/target_bur)


  • Actual_bur is the actual number of BUR to receive after a battle.

  • Target_bur is the amount of BUR you will receive if BUR is at the ideal target price of $0.05.

  • Expected_bur is the amount of BUR you want to receive equivalent to the same amount of USD per battle (the current implementation as of now).

Expected_bur = RewardBaseline * RewardMultiplier

  • reward_multiplier = sqrt(enemy_power/1000 * bunicorn_star)

  • reward_baseline is a constant which is determined as follows

Let’s take a look at an example. User A has a trainer at level 10 and a 3-star Bunicorn. He’s making roughly $0.98 per battle which is 19.6 BUR if the BUR is at $0.05.

If the BUR price goes down to $0.01

  • Expected_bur = 0.98/0.01 = 98 BUR.

  • Actual_bur = 19.6 * sqrt(98/19.6) = 43.82 BUR.

If the BUR price goes up to $0.08

  • Expected_bur = 0.98/0.08 = 12.25

  • Actual_bur = 19.6 * sqrt(12.25/19.6) = 15.49 BUR.

Here is a simulation for ROI of teams in Bunicorn Game before and after the update:

These figures are subject to change in the future as the creators work to adjust the game's economic.

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