Battle Formula

Battle Variables

Bunicorn battles use a collection of variables calculated from the player's NFT data. These variables are listed below.

  • Player Base Power's calculation involves the current level of trainer, and the selected Bunicorn with regards to its original and bonus attributes.

  • Elemental Bonus is calculated by evaluating if the trainer's element matches the Bunicorn's element, and if the trainer's element are strong, neutral, or weak against that of the chosen enemy.

  • Enemy Power is the chosen enemy's listed power value. It is used in determining the enemy's battle roll and the rewards payout.

Leveraging the bits provided above, we may draw various conclusions about the Bunicorn battle, which are detailed below.

Elemental Matching

The three considerations in elemental matching include selecting an enemy against whom you have an elemental advantage, comparing a Bunicorn's element to your trainer, and comparing a Bunicorn's attributes to your trainer.

We can make numerous major conclusive statements based on the battle formulas:

  • For win rate and experience gain calculations, elemental matching is important.

  • For calculating enemy power range, elemental matching is NOT important.

  • For calculating BUR payout, elemental matching is NOT important


The battle begins by determining the Player Base Power and utilizing it to narrow down the list of enemies to fight.

You can find the formula and other variables here:

pageCalculating Power

Once the Player Base Power has been determined the game takes that value and applies a ±10% to determine the range of possible enemy power values.

This ±10% ensures that you will never face an enemy who is unbeatable, yet you may struggle to prevail against an enemy if you do not have the elemental matching.

The gamer then selects an opponent to fight and approves the transaction. The player's Elemental Bonus will be calculated by the contract. It also uses those values to decide the player's battle roll and the amount of experience gained upon victory.

The player's roll is calculated by multiplying Player Base Power with Elemental Bonus and applying a ±10%.

The enemy's roll is calculated by taking their listed power value and applying a ±10%.

If the player's roll equals or exceeds the opponent's roll, he will win the fight. Then, experience and BUR rewards can be calculated. The payout formulas can be found here:

pageBattle Rewards

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