Raidboss Reward Calculation

The contribution of each player is calculated as follow:

contribution = sqrt(damage_dealt)

After a boss is defeated, rewards will be distributed to all participants corresponding to their contribution a few days after the event is ended.

There are 300K BUNI and 60 BNB in total to be claimed in this first raid boss event. There are 18 Raid Boss and 6 Super Raid Boss in total. The reward of each raid boss is explained in the table below:


  • MVP is the most valuable player who dealt the most damage to the boss.

  • Elixir is a special item with great power. The usage of Elixir will be introduced in the next Raid Boss event.

  • Lucky Winner is randomized based on the last hit, the randomized formula will be announced once the event is ended to avoid speculators.

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