Your First Trainer

When entering, users will see an entry screen asking you to recruit a trainer.

Therefore, to enter the game, all users would need to recruit a Trainer first. The Trainer you recruit is always minted randomly by the system.

When forming a team of 4 Trainers, it is recommended to recruit all of them with the same element. There are two ways you can achieve this goal encompassing:

  • Recruit: Recruiting is the most affordable way to get Trainers. However, it might take users quite a while to get all of their Trainers in the same desired element since Trainers are minted randomly.

  • Purchase: This is the quickest way to assemble your perfect Trainer team of four. You can go to the Market and select whatever Trainer that matches your preference of element and strength. Yet, it could take quite a fortune to follow this strategy because Trainers listed on the Market do not come at reasonable prices like Recruiting.

Team Element Composition

As mentioned above, it is highly recommended that users recruit a team of Trainers that own the same element with each other. But to complete your dream team, you would need to hunt or purchase a Bunicorn as well. And it would be perfect if you can get a Bunicorn of the same element with the Trainer team.

On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to get a 4-star or 5-star Bunicorn first. Then it is advisable to build your Trainer squad with the same element as that rare Bunicorn.

To Claim or Not To Claim XP

The higher level the Trainer owns, the more power it owns and the better payout you will get. Therefore, users should pay attention to their Trainers' XP and the Fusion feature as following:

  • If you notice that your Trainer is about to reach a new milestone of level (11, 21, 31, 41, 51, 101, 151, 201), you need to claim all the XP first before Fusion.

  • If you notice that your Trainer is about to reach a new milestone of level (11, 21, 31, 41, 51, 101, 151, 201), it is recommended that you avoid joining Battle with that Trainer before claim the XP.

  • One more trick is that you should claim all the XP at once to reduce the gas fees. Because each transaction always involves a gas fee.

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