Staking BUR - In-game Reward

Bunicorn Game's Reward will be paid in BUR. However, users might constantly need to watch the price of BUR to figure out when it is the best time to withdraw the rewards.

As this is cumbersome for players, we have other options that better maximize their investment value without spending too much time on pricewatch, encompassing:

  • Staking BUR in Ancient Bunicorn Farm to get BUNI wrapped in NFT as rewards (the farm already has been running)

  • Staking Ancient Bunicorn Farm's NFT in our upcoming NFT Staking Farm to get part of the Bunicorn Game revenue as rewards (coming soon)

It is recommended that you join Ancient Bunicorn Farm as soon as possible to be among the first players to enjoy the insanely high APR of our upcoming NFT staking farm.

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