What are Bunicorns?

Bunicorn is one of the two characters in the game. A user must have at least one Bunicorn to fight in battle. However, unlike Trainer, you can possess as many Bunicorns as you want.

You can hunt a new Bunicorn by clicking to the "Hunt" button in the Bunicorns tab, or buy them directly in the marketplace from other users.

Initially, the fee to hunt a new Bunicorn is roughly $100(*) and will be paid by BUNI token. The price will be dynamically adjusted to maintain a stable price in USD value. The fee gets sent to the Treasury as one of the game's revenue source.

One Bunicorn may be used by any of your Trainers.

The rarity of Bunicorn is ranked from 1 star to 5 stars. It determines the attributes that one Bunicorn could have and the power that these attributes may perform in battle.

(*) Entry price is subject to change in the future.

Similar to the trainer, we will also apply a 24h transfer lock for Bunicorn (purchase/delist from the market, receive from another address) to avoid passing it around.


Each Bunicorn in the game corresponds to an NFT in your blockchain wallet. The name of this NFT token contract is BUB. You can make BUB visible in your MetaMask or any other NFT wallets by adding the below contract address:


Set the decimal to "0" if prompted.

Bunicorn Gacha Hunting

You can mint a new Bunicorn by clicking the "Hunt" button at the Bunicorns tab. At a flat price, you will have a chance to receive a super rare Bunicorn at a low cost if you're lucky enough.

There will be three hunting modes including Normal Hunt, Epic Hunt, and Shard Hunt. For Shard Hunt, you need to collect 5 shards for a free shard hunt. Shards can be collected through winning Lottery at the moment

The rates of each rarity upon minting is as follows:

If you don't feel lucky today, you can buy Bunicorns in the market with your desired rarity at the appropriate price.

When you use BUR off-chain to hunt then reject the transaction, the BUR supposed to be used to hunt will be moved to Pending Transaction.

Bunicorn Elements

Similar to Trainers, a Bunicorn also has one of the four elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) which is randomly determined upon minting.

Bunicorn's element is used to calculate player roll in battle, and it's recommended to fight with a Bunicorn that matches the trainer's element.

More details about how Bunicorn's elements matching can be found here:



The consumed Bunicorn's stamina points per fight will vary based on the rarity of the Bunicorn. In details:

  • 1 star Bunicorn takes up 5 points

  • 2 stars Bunicorn takes up 4 points

  • 3 stars Bunicorn takes up 3 points

  • 4 stars Bunicorn takes up 2 points

  • 5 stars Bunicorn takes up 1 point

Stamina will restore 1 point every 48 minutes.

Bunicorns’ stamina will stop regenerating when listed on the market. Once Bunicorns are purchased by the other player or delisted by the owner, their stamina will start regenerating again.

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