List NFTs

You can list both trainers and Bunicorns for sale on the game’s NFT Marketplace.

For Trainer, since there is a limit of 4 trainers you can own, listing an NFT helps free up space in your wallet and allows you to mint a new one if you have already reached 4/4 Trainers.

  • Connect your wallet to Binance Smart Chain network.

    Then access the Trainers page at <link>

  • Choose the Trainer you want to list on the NFT marketplace, and click the SELL button.

  • If this is the first time you have ever performed listing on Bunicorn Game, you would need to approve the system to spend BUR. This will be done once only for listing.

  • Kindly click Confirm to continue.

  • A SELL TRAINER pop-up will appear. Input the price you wish to trade your trainer for, and click the OK button.

📌NOTE: The price you input upon listing is the amount of BUNI you receive. The actual listed price on the marketplace will have a 10% tax added on top of it.

You would need to Confirm the gas fee to successfully list your trainer as Listing involves transferring the NFT from your wallet to the marketplace.

  • After confirming the gas fee, you will no longer see your listed Trainer on the Trainers page.

  • Go to the Market page at <link>, click the My Trainers tick box to see your listed Trainer.

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