Event Ticket

  • Ticket will be available for purchase from Oct 8, 2021 [Around 11 AM — 1PM (UTC)] to Oct 13, 2021 [Around 11 AM — 1PM (UTC)]

  • Trainers and Bunicorns joining the raid boss battles will have a different kind of stamina called Event Stamina. It means one trainer/Bunicorn can 7 Raid Boss battles per day. In future events, we will use only 1 stamina and you have to decide which battle to fight.

  • Each account only needs one ticket to join the event. It cannot be transferred to another player.

  • The battle ticket cost 40$ in BUR per address for this event but is subjected to change in the future after we have analytical data after the first event. You can either use the BUR reward or the BUR in your wallet to buy the ticket.

  • 1 ticket can be used for all the fights in 3 days and for all trainers.

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