Spending BUNI & BUR

How can Users Spend BUR?

  • BUR for fusion: To increase the trainer’s level through major checkpoints, users need to do a fusion by merging 2 trainers at the same level. Fusion will cost BUR. These BUR will be burnt to reduce the supply.

  • BUR for Enhancement: To increase the stats of Bunicorn, users also need to merge different Bunicorns that cost BUR. These BUR will be burnt, too.

  • BUR for Staking: Stake BUR to get BUNI tokens in our yield farms.

How can Users Spend BUNI?

  • BUNI for character buying/selling: Players can use BUNI Tokens for the Trainer/Bunicorn characters in the game they want to have the strongest squad to fight the enemy.

  • BUNI for Staking into NFT Farm: Get BUNI Token and NFT by staking the BUNI you have and join NFT Farming to get 5% of the game revenue.

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